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Premium Group is a food trading and consultation company that focuses on 3 key fields: the pursuit of safety and security, the introduction of new products, and the enhancement of customer satisfaction by consultation. We interactively connect these fields to help customer enrich their life through foods.

1: Safety and security

To fulfill our mission to provide safe food, we have set up a dedicated food safety management team, so that we can unify information management, educate employees and provide guidance at production sites with emphasis on food safety management. We have also been working hard to establish traceability, which is vital to food safety, ahead of the industry and have created mechanisms and systems for providing more accurate information. Moreover, we are building a rational global logistics system to secure a stable supply of high-quality products.

2: Introduction of New Product

We endeavor to identify market demands in partnership with the food industry, distribution industry, restaurant industry and Home Meal Replacement (HMR) industry and to search for brand new products from the viewpoint of consumers. Taking advantage of our close alliance with producer of foods (EX:direct channel to farmer ), we introduce new and high quality products ahead of the market.

3: Enhancement of customer satisfaction

Besides providing products to market, we have intensive knowledge based on our experience. We offer comprehensive assistance—from streamlined distribution to design of modern-looking uniforms—in collaboration through our networks. We have exercised intensive and detailed research to client and customer in monitoring and grasping the latest trends through our network, and are able to provide unique way to enhance customer satisfaction.
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